Business Meeting/Proxy

2017 District 13 Toastmasters District Council Semi-Annual Business Meeting

District Director Francine Milligan, DTM
Program Quality Director Jennifer Sell, DTM
Club Growth Director Denise Etter, DTM
Finance Manager Jessica Mineard, ACB, ALB

District Council Meeting

The business meeting will be held on Saturday, October 28, 2017 at (time to be determined). All Toastmasters are welcome to attend the District Council meeting, but ONLY members of the District Council* may vote.

*District council members are composed of Club Presidents, Vice Presidents Education, and District Officers.

Proxy Information

As a Club President or Vice President Education, you are a voting member of the District Council. We welcome you to attend the District 13 Fall District Council meeting where you will be able to cast your vote on district proposals that may have an impact on your club. There is no charge to attend the District Council meeting.

If you cannot attend, complete and print the proxy form and send a proxy (another member of your club) who will vote in your place.

Important: The maximum number of votes allocated to any member is two, regardless of how many officer positions or proxies they hold. The only exception is for District Officers, who are allowed a maximum of three votes (one vote as a District Officer, and up to two votes as a Club Officer or proxy). This is to help ensure that no one person or group of people is able to sway voting results unfairly.